Outstanding Faculty


Faculty members in Mason’s Department of Cyber Security Engineering are internationally recognized leaders in data security, digital forensics, cryptography, computer security, privacy, distributed systems, and adaptive cyber defense. 

By working and learning with our faculty, you will be at the forefront of these fields and ready to meet future challenges. 

Cybersecurity is in a battle with increasingly sophisticated attackers, who are developing new ways to access information. Complicating matters is the massive growth rate of digital data, which makes it harder to detect and defend. 

As Virginia's leader in information protection and data sciences, our faculty have the depth of knowledge and expertise to stand on the front lines. 

They guide student success in their studies and help partners advance their research and development projects. Our faculty: 

  • Work with students on their senior capstone projects. 

  • Offer students scholarships to study in their areas at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. 

  • Collaborate worldwide with more than different institutions, government agencies, the military, and companies. 

  • Publish in the top journals in engineering and related fields. 

“No serious company can afford to treat cybersecurity specifically as a network or computer science problem. Cybersecurity must be seen as a first-class consideration from the earliest design phases of a system, versus an afterthought once the system is ready.” –

Paulo Costa, associate professor