Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security Engineering

Our undergraduate degree in cybersecurity engineering was the first of its kind in the country. Demand for our graduates is high and getting higher. Estimates suggest that there will be a global cybersecurity workforce shortage by 2022 between 1.8 million and 3 million positions. 

Students enrolled in our bachelor’s degree in cyber security engineering learn how to safeguard existing systems and build resilient new ones. They study ways to develop adaptive defenses against attackers. The degree provides a solid foundation in cyber security engineering. 

Undergraduates have the option of earning an accelerated master’s degree in one of these specialties: computer engineering, cyber security engineering, digital forensics, operations research, and systems engineering.

While you’re at Mason, you’ll train under internationally recognized experts in the areas of data security, digital forensics, cryptography, computer security, privacy, distributed systems, and adaptive cyber defense. 

You’ll have the opportunity to intern with government and industry organizations, and chances are you’ll be recruited for a job before you graduate.

Female students in the cyber security engineering department working at Dragos Industrial Cyber Security firm.

Students in the Cyber Security Engineering department interning at the Dragos Industrial cyber security firm.