Mason is world-renowned for its systems approach to cybersecurity, with expertise in key areas of advanced manufacturing and supply chain security, such as cyber-vulnerabilities research, 5G security, AI-based intrusion detection, autonomous system security, and secure adoption of smart technologies.

Research of Consequence

Our researchers are at the forefront of exploration and study in several significant areas.

Air transportation management: As a center of excellence in operations research (NEXTOR), our work is staying ahead of the challenge of coordinating an increasingly crowded sky.

Information and network assurance: We’re planning for the next big network hack by building defenses to protect you, your business, and our national communications systems from attack.

Configuration analytics and assurance: The best defense is a good offense. Our researchers are constructing testing methods and automatic systems to keep up with quickly changing user environments, networks, and cyber-physical systems.

Command, Control, Communications, Computing, Cyber, and Intelligence (C5I): We’re the nation’s first and only public university to offer comprehensive education and research in engineering for C5I. No other university has access to such research in sensing and fusion, C3 architectures, communications and signal processing, command support and intelligent systems, modeling and simulation, and distributed education and training.

Secure Information Systems: We’re imagining and composing the new structures for secure information. This realm encompasses information secrecy, integrity, and availability problems.

Exploring New Ideas

From our roots in information and communication technology engineering, our cybersecurity researchers are building inroads into uncharted territories of a future that will be more efficient, safer, healthier, and more prosperous. 

Our Faculty are Experts Across Disciplines

  • System security including communications, cyber-physical, communications, hardware, and network systems.

  • Digital forensics and analysis.

  • Cryptography.

  • Biometrics.

  • Security and safety of cyber-physical systems, including the safety and security of trains, aircraft, ships, and automobiles.

  • Electronic support for medical procedures includes formulating, validating and verifying the safety of the medical workflow, privacy, and medical data, including the protection of personal health identifiers.

  • Leadership, governance, and policy.

Mason is a Research-1 university, among an elite group of institutions known for performing research at the highest level of productivity and impact.

“No serious company can afford to treat cybersecurity specifically as a network or computer science problem. Cybersecurity must be seen as a first-class consideration from the earliest design phases of a system, versus an afterthought once the system is ready.”

Paulo Costa, associate chair of the Department of Cyber Security Engineering