Our challenging curriculum, dedicated faculty, and state-of-the-art labs will give you the expertise you need to create and maintain crucial information systems that will protect our nation from cyber threats.

On the Front Lines of Digital Defense

As digital systems are deployed to control services we depend on, such as utilities, transportation, economic mechanisms, and defense, the risk of a malicious attack is growing.

Cybercriminals identify weaknesses in communications and data networks to steal or sabotage valuable information. Cybersecurity engineers are the guardians of the digital galaxy.

We train our graduates to meet the urgent need for advanced technical skills in everything related to security and communications.

Our bachelor of science in cyber security engineering was the first of its kind in the country. In this program, students learn how to safeguard existing systems and build resilient new ones. They study ways to develop adaptive defenses against attackers. The degree provides a solid foundation in cyber security engineering.

As an undergraduate, you have the option of getting an accelerated master’s degree in one of these areas: cyber security engineering; computer engineering; digital forensics; operations research; systems engineering.

As a master’s student in cyber security engineering, you’ll learn to design and implement secure complex and cyber-physical systems consisting of software, hardware, and networking components; respond to incidents involving these systems, and develop offensive and defensive tools and techniques to attack and secure these systems.

The expertise of our faculty is broad and deep. They are leaders in the fields of data security, digital forensics, cryptography, computer security, privacy, distributed systems, and adaptive cyber defense.

Three students standing in a massive computer room.

Inside the classroom, our students build a foundation of cybersecurity knowledge that sets them up for success. Outside of the classroom, George Mason University offers numerous opportunities to put their skills to the test. 

“Mason’s cybersecurity program has helped me build a solid base of practice and theory to fuel extracurricular study."

-Zaine Wilson, cyber security engineering student