Our faculty, students, and alumni are at the forefront of cybersecurity engineering. They solve the world’s grand challenges, and the Department of Cyber Security Engineering gives them the tools to make it happen.

Who We Are

Our Department of Cyber Security Engineering includes:

  • Expert faculty members in the fields of wireless communication and 5G networks, artificial intelligence, bitcoin and user privacy, network security.

  • Funded researchers doing life-changing work.

  • Talented and motivated students.

  • Dedicated staff members devoted to creating a positive student experience.

  • Enthusiastic alumni who are creating companies and connections.

  • Savvy donors

Our Students

  • Are recruited by employers.

  • Conduct critical national research.

  • Serve the community.

  • Are award-winning cyber competitors

  • Lead student organizations  

  • Attain high-ranking positions in government, industry, and technology companies.

“Any student who graduates from Mason with a degree in cyber security engineering has very high expectations."  

Matthew Wilkes, CYSE '18 and senior design capstone industry advisor