Master of Science in Cyber Security Engineering

Learn Cyber Skills to Advance Your Career  

As a professional in the field, you know that increasing your knowledge base and skill set is the way to move your career forward. 

Getting an advanced degree in Cyber Security Engineering opens doors to a challenging and financially rewarding future.  

Mason ranked in the top 10 schools for cybersecurity colleges in the nation by Venture Beat. 

As a master’s student in cyber security engineering, you’ll learn to design and implement secure complex and cyber-physical systems consisting of software, hardware, and networking components; respond to incidents involving these systems, and develop offensive and defensive tools and techniques to attack and secure these systems. 

The expertise of our faculty is broad and deep. They are leaders in the fields of data security, digital forensics, cryptography, computer security, privacy, distributed systems, and adaptive cyber defense. 

Our faculty have years of professional experience and conduct research that provides real-world solutions.